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Welcome to Lighthouse Property Managers

We’ve been a successful full-service management company for 10 years and counting. We proudly serve Sacramento and the surrounding regions. Whether you have the task of finding a rental for yourself or are looking to have your property managed, we are here to serve you. Visit our “find a rental” page if you’re looking to rent or own, our “renters” page if you’re already one of our residents, or our “owners” page if looking to have your property managed.

Looking for a Rental Property?

For those looking to find a new rental, our rental search page is the ideal place to start. You can easily and conveniently browse all our current listings. We consider ourselves part of a big family that consists of our staff, vendors, owners, and residents. As such, we strive to make sure our family enjoys a safe, clean, and pleasant place to live. Emergency maintenance issues are dealt with in just hours, not days. Standard maintenance issues are taken care of in just a few days, not in weeks or months. We strive to ensure that all our property managers are taking the time to listen to you, the resident, and handle your needs and concerns immediately and to your satisfaction.

Let Us Manage Your Property

We wouldn’t manage your property any better if was our own. After all, your success or failure is ours as well. While there is an array of management styles and strategies, there’s only one right way to manage. This “right way” includes, ensuring a clean property and promptly and effectively handling maintenance and resident complaint issues. Don’t worry about how large or small your property might be, we strive to continuously ensure high occupancy, quick refills on vacant units, and a steady cash.



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