New Owner FAQ

What does Lighthouse Property Managers charge?

For a single family home, our monthly management fee is $55.00 per month on rents up to $1500. And $75.00 per month for rent above $1500. Our tenant placement fee is one-half a month’s rent and is paid upon Move-In of your new tenant. Multiple units or commercial properties are based on a percentage. For more details, please call our office at (916) 775-3004.

How long will it take to rent my property?

There are many factors that will collectively determine this. The overall condition of the property is very important. A fresh, clean, manicured and updated property will attract more potential renters. Pricing your rent at or below market will quickly improve your chances in finding a renter than an overpriced rental property. Also providing equipment or services such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer, landscaping maintenance, pool service and payment of utilities will greatly add to the desirability of your property. Allowing pet(s) will allow a larger pool of renters as well. The duration or type of Lease Agreement may also aid in renting more quickly.

How much is the rent for my property?

Charts and statistics only provide a guide to rental amounts therefore; we recommend our property manager visit and tour your property to determine the true market rent. Reason because each rental property is unique and may have different features, options and location.

What is the reserve amount?

The reserve amount is funds we hold for you in our trust account. These reserve funds are used only in the case of an emergency or payment of expenses to your account. The reserve amount is determined between you and the property manager upon execution of your agreement.

Who holds the tenants security deposit?

The tenants security deposit is held in our trust account per our Property Management Agreement and the Lease Agreement.

Should I allow tenants with pets on the property?

Allowing pet(s) will allow a larger pool of renters to inquire about your property. If you are comfortable in allowing pets, typically we will collect a Pet Deposit for each pet. This pet deposit is over and above the tenants security deposit.

What about advertising?

Advertising is an owner expense and currently we have five effective advertising options.

Sacramento Bee Newspaper:
Costs approximately $49.00 per weekend (Sat/Sun) for 4 lines. (About $196-$245 per mo.)

Free. Our office will place the ad with picture for you each week.
Costs $39.00 for Standard, $59.00 for Featured or $99.00 for a Premier ad.
The advertising spot is good for a 30 day period and can be renewed.

Costs $75.00 per week. Reaching 200,000+ homes.

DSM Website:
Free. Our office will place your property and picture for you onto our site.

Who drafts the Lease-Rental agreement?

We do. Upon finding a new tenant, we will draft a Lease-Rental Agreement in accordance to your Property Management Agreement or otherwise discussed between you and your property manager.

How often do you check on my property?

We will conduct an interior inspection annually along with digital photos for your records. And we will perform an exterior inspection also with digital photos. These photos will be kept in our media library for as long as we continue to manage your property.

What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent?

In most cases, we will contact the tenant and ask them to pay their rent immediately to avoid further penalties and termination. If we are unsuccessful or the tenant chooses not to respond, we will then post and mail an Unlawful Detainer also known as a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit. Should the tenant continue to avoid our attempts to collect the rent, we will then contact you to discuss a plan of action and eviction proceedings.

Do you have certain repair people or can I use my own?

We welcome your repair people anytime! Simply provide us their name and contact information. The repair people we use are not affiliated with our office and are independent businesses and contractors. These repair people often are required by our office to carry insurance when providing services on your property.

Can I use my Home Warranty Plan?

Absolutely yes! We will be glad to call your home warranty company for any repairs they cover and pay the deductible from your reserve account.

When do you send out my rent?

Typically we mail your rent and statement within three business days of receiving it from your tenant. Often we will mail it sooner. On multiple units or commercial properties, we will mail your rent on an agreed upon date we establish.

Do you do Direct Deposit?

Absolutely yes! Simply complete our form and your set! No more checks to cash or running to the bank. Please ask our office for more details.

How do I get started?

One phone call to our office and we will get started. We can send, email or fax our contracts and forms often that same day! Then simply return them along with a check for your reserve-trust account and we’ll do the rest! We will contact any existing tenants and start marketing your property immediately. Should you have further questions or wish to speak with us, please call (916) 775-3004 or contact us.