Property Management and Leasing Services

Option 1: Complete Management Service

  • Write lease contract
  • Quarterly inspections (smoke detectors, air filters, exterior grounds, and interior inspection)
  • All Notices (Does not include eviction services; only 3day notices and 30 day notices.)
  • Financial management—Rents and deposits go to Lighthouse then we pay the mortgages, taxes, and any maintenance fees. Every month on the 8th we send an Owners Statement with the excess funds to Owner.


  • 6% of monthly rent
  • 50 percent of first months rent once a lease has been signed by the owner and tenant
  • Non-refundable $125 set-up / administrative fee

Option 2: Lease-Up Only

  • Lease-up only: Market your property using over 10 internet advertising sites, screen calls and applicants, verify applicant information, write lease contract, and perform the move in walk through with new tenant, provide owner with pictures on a CD documenting property at time of move in . Owner will then manage the property from that point onward, collect rent, inspect property, and do all maintenance, and record keeping with respect to the property.


  • 50 percent of first months rent once a lease has been signed by both the owner and tenant
  • Non-refundable $125 set-up / administrative fee

Initial Lease-Up Process:

  • Handle/process all incoming calls and inquiries about the property
  • Show the property
  • Verification of information on rental applications
  • Hold at least one Open House per Week (if possible)

Advertisement / Marketing

  • Sign on the property with Office/Agent number to call
  • Marketing your property on over 10 different websites:,,,, Rent Clicks, Google Base,,, Craigslist, etc.
  • Newspaper: Local newspaper syndication
  • Hold Weekly Open Houses

Application Process

  • Credit Report (applicant pays $30.00 processing fee for each applicant over 18 years of age)
  • California Criminal Background Check
  • Nationwide Eviction Check
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Reference Check- Employment, Rental History & Personal References
  • We also visit their current residence for a visual inspection of cleanliness and to verify there is no excessive wear and tear.

Pre-Lease up Considerations:

  • We recommend having your home professionally cleaned. We have preferred vendors that we can arrange for you. Average cost is $150-300 depending on size and condition of home.
  • Interior cleaning bathroom & kitchen, appliances, baseboards, light fixtures, garage floor, hardwood floors and cabinets oiled and cleaned. Carpets vacuumed Interior windows cleaned. Power washes for outside optional, exterior window washing optional at additional charge.
  • Repairs and preventative maintenance—We have preferred vendors that we can hire and arrange for you, which are licensed and bonded, to complete any necessary repairs. We can arrange everything from painting to major repairs. There is no charge for us to arrange for theses repairs (only the cost of the repairs).
  • Move-in condition verification with photographs provided to owner on picture CD

Lease Contract Considerations

  • Term of the lease
  • Minimum rental amount (We will pull comps of comparable properties to make an informed decision on a competitive rental amount)
  • Deposit amount
  • Pets $350.00 extra pet deposit. Pets allowed with approval of owner.
  • Gardener/landscape–Who pays? (We recommend that the Owner pays)
  • Water sewer & garbage–Who pays? (We recommend that the Tenant pays)
  • Repair authorization amount up to a certain dollar amount. We recommend $300.00 (money that is to be used for necessary repairs/maintenance for maintenance of property).
  • Pool Maintenance — Who pays? (we recommend that the Owner pays)
  • Addendums and attachments for release of liability

Option 3: Tenant Screening Only

(Please call for details and package pricing)

Option 4: Property Marketing Only

(Please call for details and package pricing)