Lighthouse Property Managers has been providing property management services for over ten years. We focus on keeping clean properties and completing maintenance in a timely manner. Management focuses on providing outstanding service to retain high occupancy, expedite turnarounds on all vacancies and solid cash flows regardless of the property’s size. Our staff stays informed regarding real estate laws, rental forms, disclosures and issues with residents also.

Commitment to Excellence

Our property management staff remains committed to improving efficiencies in our business. Our charges are based on an appropriate portion of the gross rent collected depending on the condition, rent and size of the property. Our business doesn’t charge commissions on renovations, attorney services, evictions, insurance policy renewals or apartment rentals. We also do not charge for maintenance that needs to be done on the property. The agreed upon percentage of the gross rent is the only charge for our full property management service.

We offer the following services:

  • Our service can manage all of your billing and accounting needs.
  • We screen residents by personally verifying income, researching residents’ rental history and pulling appropriate credit reports and background checks.
  • We provide fast turnarounds, taking three to five days to get each unit prepared for new residents.
  • We handle all aspects of property maintenance, regardless of the project’s size.
  • We work swiftly when evicting problematic residents he and we are patient and understanding when residents are having problems with their rental unit.
  • Our staff is available on call around the clock so we can respond to late night or weekend emergencies. We offer unique services to cater to both our clients and residents.
  • We consistently make maintenance a high priority in order to cater to the needs of the residents.
  • We routinely inspect and monitor the property to keep it clean and free of dry rot or unsightly clutter around the units and parking lot.

Care and Satisfaction

Our residents feel at home with the Lighthouse family providing clean services. We typically respond to any emergency within a few hours or maintenance requests within days. We refund deposits within two-three weeks and offer compensation in the form of payment to residents that find a new tenant to rent their unit before vacating.