Renter FAQ

Am I allowed to have pets?

All properties are different, you need to check with the management. If they are allowed, a pet deposit and agreement will be required.

What to do about lost keys.

Depending what time you lose your keys may factor whether your charged a fee or not. If it’s during office hours, call us main number (916) 775-3004. If we have a copy, come to the office, if not, you will be charged for a new set. After hours, call our emergency number (916) 775-3004 . If you don’t receive a response, you will have to call a locksmith.

How do I transfer into a new NPM unit?

When your lease is due to expire, you can apply for another unit. You must put in writing your 30 day notice, as well as, sign a new rental agreement. You will receive your deposit within 21 days, after any damages have been satisfied.

How do I add or remove someone from the lease?

The person who would like to leave must give a 30 day notice to management. The remaining tenants must re-sign the lease and go through a re-qualification process. If they are unable to maintain the unit, they will have to vacate. To add a person to a lease, they must apply and qualify. Then all parties must re-sign the lease stating the new tenants.

What do I do to move out?

When you want to vacate, you must give a 30 day notice. You should leave the unit in as good a condition as possible. You can schedule to go through the unit with management as a walk through, or you can leave your information along with your keys through the slot in the main office doors. Also leave your phone number and forwarding address.

How do I get my deposit back?

There are several key things to do in order to get your deposit back. Definitely give a 30 day notice and return your keys promptly! Look over the review inspection list, any damages at all you will be responsible for. You also have the option to have management clean your unit and have it deducted from your deposit if you choose.

How do I break my lease?

Should you have to break your lease early, try to do a couple things. Before leaving, try to make sure the unit is in as good condition as possible. If you can assist in advertising the unit, that would be beneficial as well. You will be responsible for the unit until new tenants are found.