Prospective Renters

Applying For Housing With Us Is Easy, But There Are A Few Things To Consider:

Are There Application Fees?

Yes, our application fee is $30 per application, and everyone age 18 and up must submit an application. This fee is for the cost of processing your application.

Should I Find An Apartment Or Fill Out The Application First?

This is a matter of personal preference – You can fill out an application and bring it and your application fee to our main office first -or- if you prefer, you can find an apartment of interest first and then submit your application and fee to our main office.

Do I Need Anything Else To Apply?

For the sake of expedience, we would advise you to bring the following items at the time of application:

• Your most recent two to three paycheck stubs
• A photo I.D
• A list of current and past information, particularly your rental history
• The $30 application fee for each applicant; we accept checks and money orders

How Long Will I Wait After Submitting My Application?

It usually takes around 24 hours. However, incomplete applications, not having any of the above requirements at the time of the application, and/or your references not being able to be reached can all slow the process down.

What Does The Application Process Examine?

Feel free to visit our “Screening Policies” to download a complete copy of our policy. Generally, in determining approval, we look at three areas for everyone applying – income, credit, and rental history. Denials usually stem from extremely poor credit and/or multiple evictions. A problem in one area may be overlooked if the other two areas are extremely strong.

Will You Hold An Apartment?

Yes, once you’ve made the deposit, we will hold your desired apartment for up to two weeks.